Mac or PC for music production ?

Getting into music-making brings up a big question: Mac or PC for music production ?

People talk a lot about these two, this is an old debate and a big deal in the music producer community.

Following up on a recent Instagram post, this article sums up the main points of choosing between a Mac or PC for making music.

Whether you’re just starting with music, considering making the switch, or thinking of getting a new computer, here are the key things to help you decide.


Apple and Mac computers have long been the preferred choice for professionals in creative fields like music production, graphic design, and video editing.

Traditionally recognized for their powerful yet premium-priced high-end machines, the landscape shifted with the introduction of Apple Silicon CPUs.

Now, harnessing outstanding processing power comes at surprisingly affordable prices. However, certain aspects, such as the Apple ecosystem, app availability, Macs’ sustainability, and the trade-off of less customizable machines, still hold relevance.



PCs have consistently been the top choice for novices and beginners, owing to their cost-effectiveness, customizable nature, and extensive community support.

While offering an affordable entry point into the computing world, PCs are synonymous with easy customization and a vast user community.

However, the plethora of choices, configurations, and settings might overwhelm novice users. PCs also generally require a more vigilant approach regarding security and customization.

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Summing Things Up

In the end, choosing between Mac or PC for making music isn’t just about fancy specs or computer systems. It’s a choice that connects with how you make music, what you like, and what you can afford.

Remember, the computer you pick is a tool – what really matters is the skills you build and the music you create.

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