Proxima Species | Psytrance for Serum

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Inspired by artists such as Astral Projection, Astrix, Vini Vici, Infected Mushroom, GMS, Sesto Sento, Talamasca, Dragonfly and other genre-leading artists, this professional-sounding kit is loaded with over 130 killer Serum Psytrance presets.


After months in the making in the Tunecraft labs, our new Psytrance soundset ‘Proxima Species’ is here !

Inspired by artists such as Astral Projection, Astrix, Vini Vici, Infected Mushroom, Sesto Sento, Talamasca, Dragonfly and other genre-leading artists, this professional-sounding kit is loaded with over 130 killer Serum Psytrance presets, all carefully engineered to deliver maximum quality and spark your creativity:

Prepare for an abundance of heavy basslines, epic glitchy leads, raging synths, staggering sequences, mind-boggling arpeggios, evolving plucks and pads, aery atmos and organic sound effects…

Each preset comes with all macros assigned to speed up your workflow, and custom noises and wavetables are pre-included to ease the installation process.

Whether you are looking to improve your sound design skills by exploring the complex programming techniques used to shape these sounds, or just want to get your hand on a REALLY profesionnal sounding and inspiring Serum Psytrance presets kit, this pack will get you covered.

The whole demo you hear was made strictly with this soundbank only, including drum sounds so judge for yourself !


Custom Noises and Wavetables included
All Macros Assigned


25 presets video demo




17 PsyRacks (presets for SerumFX) with various tools
for psytrance music genres !

Available exclusively on our store.



A collection of 40 midi files sized for Psytrance:
Perfect to preview the presets, spark your creativity and
quickly jump into production.


What the pros are saying

Upon testing the Proxima Species bank for Serum, I found it to be loaded with a wealth of sounds ideal for producing Psytrance dance floor killers.

Nano RecordsMENOG

Orii 320-min

Tunecraft presets are top notch. Macros can be used to manipulate sounds into so many different variations in seconds and create almost endless possibilities. I especially like the SerumFX chains: I throw them on random elements in my track and always get super cool unexpected results.

Area51 - Infected MushroomORII

Upgrade 320-min

I highly recommend this amazing Serum Psytrance presets pack: It is innovative, inspiring and filled with all the high end psytrance sounds you want to work with.


Projektor 320-min

The pack allows a producer to quickly lay out the theme of your track, as the sounds included are very unique and inspiring. There is also a variety of basslines to get you started and overall it’s a really well rounded Serum Psytrance presets pack.

Producer | Live streamerPROJEKTOR



• 131 Serum Psytrance presets
• 48 MB unzipped
• Royalty free

• 2 Exclusive bonus packs
• Sized for all Psytrance sub genres: Full on / Progressive / Forest…

• Requires Serum 1.334 or higher

72 reviews for Proxima Species | Psytrance for Serum

  1. Muchy M. (verified owner)

    These sounds are out of this world !!!!

  2. Martin Munn (verified owner)

    Thanks guys

    • Tunecraft (store manager)

      Thank you Martin, glad you enjoy these presets !

  3. Quinn (verified owner)

    Very cool, first set of presets/midi that I think sound like me.

  4. Neil A. (verified owner)

    Great sounds from outer space !!! thanks

  5. cory hill (verified owner)

    Nice selection of sounds… very creative!

  6. Paul P. (verified owner)

    nice !

  7. Siddhartha Mukherjee (verified owner)

    Please make a bank for hitech psy

  8. Ben (verified owner)

    the Proxima psytrance pack will take you to another level this is Mr Miagi’s special move but you must study well.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice selection of sounds, high quality ! Thanks

  10. Eugene Erasmus (verified owner)

    I really like the variety in your bass patches and lead sounds. They are different enough to include in one pack so thank you for providing something worth the price

  11. Andrew Batty (verified owner)

    Damn these sounds are sick. Using them for hard driving techno myself so definitely not just for psytrance. Possibilities are pretty much endless. Well done guys

  12. Ge Vue (verified owner)

    Everything sounds professional and ready to use, would recommend.

  13. shay bramley (verified owner)

    Very Quality sounds thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏

  14. Lincoln Rowe (verified owner)

    Seemed a bit pricey for what I got .But at the same time I still haven’t quite figured how everything loads into serum .I can pull the files from my hard drive library in bitwig .into serum .But I would prefer to have them loaded in serum so I can change thru them easier.Also with the South African rand the.currency exchange rate really makes it very costly for us .

    • Tunecraft (store manager)

      Hi Lincoln,
      Thanks for your order and feedback: I’m sorry you had problems loading sounds directly into Serum.
      In case you missed it we included an easy install help file within the pack.
      I also tried to reach out via email to provide support and help you manage loading the soundbank directly into Serum so you can easily browse through it.
      Feel free to get back in touch if you still need help on this, I’m here to help.

  15. Uri L. (verified owner)

    Great presets. Excellent sounds!

  16. Evgeni Wolf (verified owner)

    Nice smooth professional sound

  17. Jovan I. (verified owner)

    Outstanding Presets , i’m waiting for the next one ! 🥂

  18. Daniel Celion (verified owner)

    This inspired me to finish a new track that will be released on the Silvester 2021 demo party online on december 31st.

  19. Ed (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  20. Zeljko Djokic (verified owner)

    I like it very much because it has all the sounds that i need for and i will like to see more from you guys and more sounds for psytrance

  21. Danny (verified owner)

    high quality presets! thanks for including midifiles

  22. Dennis Kuttenberger (verified owner)

    Really nice Sound Design. Would buy again!!!😉

  23. Ben Adda (verified owner)

    Excellent product – even better service 🙂

  24. Jacob Max Hansen (verified owner)

    Hi 😊 So, i love what i bought. The only thing i could be missing is, some more midi in the package.. Perhaps some midi made specific for some of the presets. So “thos midi” goes to this preset.. Just so you can get a hint on what the spund could be used for. idk 😂🙏🏼 I hope this suggestion dosen’t sound to weird 😂🙏🏼 Anyway, gotta say inlove the presets for Serum, i kinda just hopede the package wouæd have contained more.. But hey, what can you expect from a customer, right 😆❤️🙏🏼 Nice one Guys. You always deliver top of the line work 🙏🏼😉

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The serum patches are decent. That being said, I do question whether the example song was created using the sounds from this release. Proxima Species should post the example song in Ableton format or do a youtube video run down of the example song showing the patches and techniques used…..otherwise it just looks like you created a bunch of serum presets and attached it to a dope psy example track and called it good.

    • Tunecraft (store manager)

      Hi Ryan, thanks for your feedback:
      I just wanted to reassure you that 100% of the sounds included in the demo were created using solely this pack. You can check the ableton project demo at the beginning of this product review made by our friends at Mute Production on their own channel.

  26. Nuno FERRAZ (verified owner)

    Very good product!!

  27. Tor André (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  28. Iven (verified owner)

    Amazing and fitting sounds!

  29. Ivo C. (verified owner)

    Incredibles presets uauuu

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Appreciate the quality and tones

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    MEGA !!!

    Herz_two @ instagram

  32. Luis Olivença (verified owner)

    These presets really made my tracks stronger and added the missing touch.
    Thanks to tunecraft for this excellent bank of presets, I’m looking forward to more of these.

  33. Simon S. (verified owner)

    out of mind best psytrance sounds!

  34. Luke Williams (verified owner)

    Great pack!!! Dope sounds

  35. vanguardenki (verified owner)

    por favor ayúdame.
    no puedo descomprimir el archivo marca error
    y ya no puedo descargar otra vez…

    • Tunecraft (store manager)

      Hey Enki, I’ve replied to your support request via email, let me know if you need further assistance, I’m happy to help !

  36. Alex (verified owner)

    nice content!!

  37. Darren Engel (verified owner)

    This has helped me alot upgrade my style of music ! Really happy ! Thank you

  38. Alex V. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it!!

  39. Matthew M. (verified owner)

    All I have to say is, I’ve been using these presets to get some really interesting sounds!

  40. Henrique B. (verified owner)

    Amazing, very cool presets!!!!

  41. AMBRA G. (verified owner)

    This pack is marvellous! Suitable for multiple genres and with weel done macros. A good buy!

  42. Thomas (verified owner)

    Bought the pack a view months ago and it is just awesome, i can’t get enough of it! The quality is out of this world

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great sounds, buying/installing was a doddle

  44. Rauli (verified owner)

    This pack just changed the game for me! High quality professional sounding preset pack for psyrious psytrance producers.

  45. Jason W. (verified owner)

    Maybe add some tutorials

  46. Pavel Pospíšil (verified owner)

    This presets are amazing you can check later in my work tahnks. PspkCz

  47. Andreas Gebetsroither (verified owner)

    its awesome sounds and i love it !!
    thanks for this !!

  48. daigo1220k (verified owner)

    I doulnloaded this precet but my serum does not recognize the downloaded files as serum files, so I cannot use it.

    Please let me know if there is a solution.

    I am Japanese, so I am sorry I am not good at English.

    EDIT: The staff helped me to solve the problem. It was a very polite responce. The product is great! I am going to incorporate it into my music.
    This produc is absolutely recommended to psytrance and dubstep! If you wanna make them, it wlii be a perfect choice!

  49. davide normanno (verified owner)

    There are some inspiring and good presets in there

  50. Eli Levi (verified owner)


  51. Kevin Ford (verified owner)

    When you’re new to sound design, this really bridges the gap to some of the more abstract sounds.

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This preset package is Amazing!!! Just what I have been looking for to spice up my psy

  53. Jp (verified owner)

    Loved most of the presets. Just disappointed with the bass presets.

    • Tunecraft (store manager)

      Hi JP, thanks a lot for your review and feedback ! I’m always happy to hear back from you guys so I can improve the upcoming packs based on your inputs. While Bass are a very personal thing in Psytrance depending on your tastes, I would have been glad to know what didn’t pleased you about these ! 🙂

  54. Ruben (verified owner)

    Amazing sounds. Easy to use, versatile, complex, simple, it has it all!

  55. Ruben van Brussel (verified owner)

    Great software and amazing sounds! 🙂 definitely worth the money

  56. Timur T. (verified owner)

    Very unique I loved !!

  57. Pavel Sollich (verified owner)

    Perfect !!!!

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good preset for serum , but some
    more bass preset would be great … 😉

  59. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Great sounds in the pack and the bonus sounds were also excellent! I would shop here again.

  60. Frank K. (verified owner)

    Nice presets

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top sounds! Every psytrance producer should have it!

  62. Idan Zamir (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Thank you very much 💥♥️

  63. ROBERT M (verified owner)

    Excellent sounds!!

  64. kenman smythe (verified owner)

    Great supply of presets, top sounds!

  65. Koin Duck (verified owner)

    Best preset ever I like it very much

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Simply excellent presets, sounds great

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

    better than I thought.

  68. Gergely B. (verified owner)

    These cool presets will ensure you have sleepless nights!!!

  69. Anthony (verified owner)

    Clean and ready-to-go presets!

  70. mihael (verified owner)


  71. Adam Groth (verified owner)

    Truly a must go to library when producing. Lifeforms is even better but those 2 combined you truly are set for that sound your grid synths need to make the epic groove.

  72. Ariel Banasiak (verified owner)

    It was ok, but it didn’t had the quality I heard in the preview.

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