Serum LFO Modulation | Production Tips

Serum 1.30 update introduced LFO Point Modulation, which enables you to modulate any point or curve of an LFO along the x and y-axis.⁠ Serum LFO modulation is a powerful way to animate your sounds and create advanced modulations.

How to modulate LFOs X & Y axis in Serum ?

▶️ To proceed, right click on any point on a LFO curve and select “Modulate X” (Horizontal) or “Modulate Y” (Vertical) and choose a modulation source.⁠

▶️ The modulation amount and direction (uni- or bidirectional) is visualized by the grey bars shown in the LFO display, which you can edit in the Matrix tab as with other modulations.⁠

▶️ Every LFO Point as modulation target is grouped in a so-called ‘LFO Bus’: These Busses can be used to group multiple LFO points in a single modulation assignment.⁠

▶️ Check out the video for a clear, step-by-step guide on how to proceed with Serum LFO modulation !⁠


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