Tunecraft ‘Altered’ | Free RC20 presets

Need some fresh RC20 presets ?

‘Altered’ was one of 2022’s XMAS freebies available only for our customers, but this free presets pack for is now available for everyone !

‘Altered’ contains 40 presets for XLN Audio’s RetroColor RC-20:

Whether you want to fatten up drum sounds, juice up a synth track or add a vintage-like tone to guitar loops, Altered expands RC-20 scope and range from subtle tone altering to complete audio destruction with 40 new presets.

Use sparingly for a sprinkle of pixie dust, or go all-out for complete sonic mangling !

Altered-3D-box_NS_500x500 Zoomed-min RC20 presets XLN RC-20 Retrocolor free presets


Tunecraft 'Altered' - Free RC20 Presets
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