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Tunecraft SerumFX ‘LoFi’ Racks is a collection of 20 free SerumFX presets:

If you own Serum, you may be underestimating this secret weapon you also own !

We’re offering Tunecraft Serum FX ‘LoFi’ Racks, a collection of 20 free SerumFX presets to get that ‘LoFi’ color and vibe on any sound.

We noticed that quite a lot of Serum users just don’t even know they also own SerumFX, or simply underestimate its power and what they could potentially achieve with it.

With this first serie, our goal was to try to mimic some of the coloring plugins that are currently in the air such as XLN’s RC 20 – or others…

So here’s a collection of 20 free SerumFX presets to help you get creative with it.

As always, feel free to get in touch and let us know your feedbacks, we’re always glad to hear back from users.

***Please note you need SerumFX v1.309 or higher to load these presets***


Tunecraft 'Serum FX Racks'
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SerumFX 'LoFi' Racks - 20 free presets

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