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EQ8 is probably the most used and useful Live device: It’s extremely powerful, super easy to use and provides plenty of great features.⁠

However there are a few less obvious ones you may not be taking advantage of, that are time-savers and – in some case – game-changers.⁠

⁠Most of the following Ableton EQ8 Tips are really underated or underused: Let’s check them out !⁠

Ableton EQ8_1_MS Mode_min

M/S mode

If you’re familiar with Mid/Side processing, activating M/S mode will split the incoming signal into Mid and Side channels:You can then apply up to 8 different filters and EQ points to each.

L/R Mode

Switching to L/R mode lets you EQ Left and Right channels separately:

This can help you create differences in the content of both channels to apply stereo imaging to selected frequencies only.

Ableton EQ8_2_LR Mode_min
Ableton EQ8_3_Oversampling_min


Like a few other stock Ableton effects, EQ8 offers an hidden additional, high quality processing option at the cost of some extra CPU.

Right-click on the device title bar to open up the menu and enable ‘Oversampling’.

Audition Mode

Click the headphone on the top right side to enable Audition Mode:

Clicking and holding a filter EQ dot will now allow you to hear only that particular filter and fine tune its width and gain with increased precision.

Ableton EQ8_4_Audition Mode_min

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CSII_FB Banner_820x312-min

Scale control

EQ8 scale parameter allows you to tweak all gains together:

Increase, decrease, double or even invert all gains with a single click.

Useful if you’re happy with your settings but feel you’ve been a bit too shy with your EQing for instance.

Ableton EQ8_5_Scale_min
Ableton EQ8_6_Wide Display_min

Wide display

Click the small arrow next to the bypass button to open up a widescreen display and allow a much more precise control and display of the spectrum.

‘Gang’ controls

EQ8 provides a useful ‘gang’ feature for both mixing and sound design.

Click and drag over multiple filter points to select and adjust their frequency, gain or EQ settings all at once.

Ableton EQ8_7_Multiselection_min

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