Best free audio plugins 2020 | Download links

This year brought some amazing free tools for music production: Here’s our recap list of some of the most interesting free audio plugins released in 2020 !

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TOP 1Supermassive

by Valhalla DSP

Designed for massive delays and lush reverbs, Supermassive quickly became one of our go to tools for sound design: It well deserved its 1st place !

TOP 2Vital

by Vital Audio (Matt Tytel)

Although it has just been released few days ago, Vital already impress and should quickly become a staple.



by Surreal Machines

There was some room left for a good free transient designer plugin: Surreal Machines made it with style with Crack !

Fresh Air

by Slate Digital

Fresh air can brighten up individual tracks, busses or entire mixes with just the right amount of brilliance and sparkle with simplicity and great results.


Tape Cassette 2

by Caelum Audio

With detailed controls for sculpting the exact flavor of lo-fi you need, Tape Cassette 2 brings you the best of the cassette era.

Coffee the PUn

by Acustica Audio

Released on April 1st last year by Acustica Audio, Coffee The PUn is everything but a joke:
This well balanced vintage equalizer delivers a really pleasing sound.


Space Modulator

by Valhalla DSP

Another great input from Valhalla with their very versatile modulation effect ‘Space Modulator’ plugin


by KSHMR Essentials

KSHMR provided us with a specific kick processor plugins that can shape almost any kick with style.

Music Box Free

Music Box Suite Free

by Frozenplain

We have been seduced by this simple yet great sounding Music Box free plugin.

TDR Molotok

by Tokyo Dawn Records

TDR took the DNA of the notoriously difficult to use VladG Molot compressor and turned it into a stylish, intuitive experience that sounds incredible.



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