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Adopting new tools can be refreshing and inspiring, especially when it can enhance and refine our music production skills:

In this week’s Instagram post, we’re focusing on freshly released free plugins you should have a look at.

Whether it be epic stutters that glitch and whirr, effects that will widen or thicken your sounds, time-stretching tools that will tear your samples into new and amazing realms, one of them may be the secret ingredient you’ve been looking for !

But before you drop a bunch of money on expensive plugins, see what you can do with these freshly released ones without spendind a dime.



by Emvoice

Emvoice One lets you instantly synthesize vocal lines by inputting notes and the corresponding lyrics to simulate a vocal performance. The free version is limited to a single voice (Lucy) to sing on 7 notes, but that should be enough to get an overview of this innovative tool.


by Quiet Music

Already featured few weeks ago, Serenity is a sample based virtual instrument that can add various layers of background sounds and textures like crickets, bird noises, wind, rain, waves… to give some more organic depth to your tracks.




Obvious Filter is a free morphing plugin that offers 10 filter types in a built-in, editable sequencer to morph your sound into a completely different rythmic phrase. Its interface is fairly simple, and there are more cool features like pitch-shifting, midi trigger or randomizing options that make it a fun and creative tool to play with.


by Engelen Audio

Kaput should please all Lofi heads, as it has been analog modeled on a dusty, old handheld cassette recorder and offers everything you need to give your sound a vintage, lo-fi touch in just a few clicks. It’s very easy to use but unfortunately only available on Mac for now.


You may also be interested in...WORLD KORAS VOL.1

Authentic Kora Loops

► 21 Riffs Loops
► 27 Loops in 8 ‘Songstarter Kits’
► 13 Melody Loops
► 61 Loops in total

Check out the full content on the product page !




Influx is an brand new, unusual and hard to categorize plugin:
To sum things up, it passes the signal through a resonator and a tube distortion unit to completely reshape sounds. There are lots of other options and it comes with a bunch of presets, allowing you to get a good idea of what it is capable of so why not give it a try ?


by SNFK Music

Fleeter is a transient processor designed to add attack, sustain or character and get better control over transients in your mix:It features only 3 knobs that control transient time, effect amount and saturation, which can be a great way to tame overly loud peaks after processing.



by Analog Obsession

Merica by is modeled on the famous API 550 vintage hardware equalizer, known for its powerful sound heard on countless records from the 70s:
It features high and low shelving bands and mid range with proportional Q peak.

There are countless emulations of this legendary EQ, but very few are available for free, give it a try !


by Kiive Audio

Anyone familiar with the Pultec EQP1-A should instantly recognize it: Warmy EP1A is a 1-to-1 analog modeling plugin based on a classic Pultec EQ, which is often described as one of the most ‘musical’ equalizers of all time.
There’s a few differences with the hardware unit but after a few tests, this free emulation gives impressingly good results for a free plugin.



While you're here, why not grab some free sounds ?

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