Tips & TricksHow to make a Synthwave Bass with Serum

We just posted this new sound design tutorial on our instagram account:

This time with focused on recreating a Synthwave bass preset taken from our recent ‘Midnight Ride’ pack with Serum !

Below are some of the key points and sound design tips featured in this tutorial :

▶️ Keep things simple when designing bass sounds: Modulating multiple parameters with only one source will help you keep them tight and cohesive

▶️ Serum filters are really powerful tools to add color and character

▶️ Take advantage of Serum’s ‘hidden’ functions (Chorus HPF/LPF switch)

▶️ Generally speaking, applying a chorus effect to bass frequencies isn’t a good thing as it messes up the phase and mono compatibility

▶️ Use Multiband compressor mode to precisely control dynamic by adjusting individual bands threshold

▶️ Serum comes with much more than the 2 main filters: There are multiple ways to get more, check it out !

▶️ Subtle effects processing can go a long way, don’t overdo it and finalize settings in context

▶️ Use Macros to get control over the main aspects of your sound (volumes, filters, distortion, reverb, chorus…)

Hopefully you will learn some helpful tips & tricks !

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While you’re here, why not downloading the final Serum preset we ended up with in our video tutorial ?

Comes with all Macros assigned !
*Requires Serum 1.286 or higher !


Bonus: Download the final preset

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