How to professionally process your reverbs ?

In a recent Instagram post, we intended to give you a few tricks by explaining some concepts behind reverbs processing, and why your reverbs deserve the same attention as your instruments or vocal tracks in order to achieve profesionnal sounding mixes.

Below are some of the key points developped through this post to process reverbs:

▶️ What are return / auxiliary tracks, and why you should preferably use them to create reverb buses for best results

▶️ Learn the difference between pre and post processing

▶️ Check how to clean, sweeten, tighten, color or add movement to your reverbs in various ways with proper processing

▶️ And best of all, these techniques can be combined and applied on any reverb or DAW you’re using !

Hopefully you will learn some helpful tips & tricks on how to process reverbs 🎛️
Do you already use any of these ?
Would you suggest some more ?
What are YOUR tricks to process reverbs ?
Let us know in the comments below !

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