Hybrid Orchestral String with Serum (Free preset!)

Following up one of our previous Instagram tips about Comb filters, this week’s video showcases our attempt at recreating an hybrid orchestral string with Serum and its powerful comb filter module.

There are quite a lot of modulations going on, and below are some of the key points featured:

▶️ Adapt envelope shapes: Amplitude envelope (e.g. Env 1 on Serum) attack should be curved to simulate the action of a bowed string

▶️ Use comb filters to get a less synthetic and more organic sound

▶️ Use velocity to emulate real string bowing: Assign it to volume attack time, sustain level or filter cutoff for instance (Lower velocity would result in a longer attack time, a lower level and a darker sound.

▶️ Chord voicing is an important point to properly emulate the sound of a full string orchestra

▶️ Use Multiband compressor to subtly shape your tone using both upward and downward compression on each band.

▶️ Layer a seamless looping wav file in the Noise oscillaotr to add life and get a more acoustic feel

▶️ Use FM synthesis and stack unison on multiple octaves to create fuller and more detailed tones (Check the thrill on long chords using the modwheel !)

▶️ Add subtle variation to the FM modulator (OSC B on this preset) to add movement

▶️ Create less synthetic sounds by slightly randomizing oscillators phase or pitch using either Chaos oscillators or ‘Note on random’ functions.

▶️ Increased sound quality: The downloadable version of this preset is x2 (Serum normal quality) but if your computer can handle it, try setting it on x4 on the Global pannel.

▶️ Save some CPU by using Macro 3 (‘CPU Friend’) to shorten notes release time but increase reverb decay time instead.

Hopefully you will learn some helpful tips & tricks !

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Hybrid Orchestral String with Serum

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