OTT Tips & parameters explained |

In this post we will cover a plugin that has become a staple in modern electronic music production.

But why is it so popular ? What is it exactly ? And how does it work ?

Let’s dive in to demystify it and review some advanced OTT tips !

▶️ What is ‘OTT’ & Why is it so popular ?⁠

‘OTT’ stands for ‘Over The Top’, it is a popular upwards / downwards multiband compressor preset from Ableton. ⁠
It has then been recreated by Xfer Records as a 3rd party plugin so every producer can now use it whatever DAW he is using.⁠

▶️ How to does it work and how to use it ? 🤔⁠

Essentially, it splits the incoming audio into 3 bands (High, Mid and Low) to apply drastic compression to each of these bands separately resulting in a rather extreme sounding flavor. But once you master it and with some adjustments and tweaks, it can become a more subtle and pretty neat audio shaping tool for production and sound design !⁠

▶️ Where to download it for free ?

You can download the XFer OTT  from XFer freebie section !
Have a look at their other freewares, there are more hidden gems there, like their Dimension Expander recreated from Native Instruments Massive or the Pioneer DJM800 Filter.

Both are really worth a try !

And here’s a breakdown of every OTT parameters explained:

OTT parameters explained

OTT parameters explained_Image_1080x540-min

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