What makes a great soundbank ?

▶️ Are you on the hunt for a great soundbank that completely transforms your music-making experience? Ever found yourself pondering what truly makes a soundbank stand out from the rest?

✔️ Join me as I dive deep into the heart of sound design excellence. I invest significant time and effort into crafting meticulously curated Tunecraft packs, elevating them beyond the ordinary to provide you with transformative tools for your musical journey. This is my vision of excellence in sound design: Each pack is intended to be a true source of inspiration, almost like a piece of art in itself. It’s my commitment to providing creative tools that ignite your creativity and foster growth as a producer and sound designer.

✔️ Dive into the artistry behind Tunecraft Sounds packs. I’m as obsessed with sound design as you are with your music—because greatness lies in the details. If you’ve experienced my offerings, I hope this resonates with you. And if you haven’t yet, well, it’s time to experience the difference firsthand !

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Our presets allow you to quickly adjust key sound elements using pre assigned macros and modwheel.
But we’re not talking about simple controls like Filter Cutoff and such here:

We’re spending countless time to create professional-sounding, versatile and inspiring presets that offer a wide range of sounds and possibilities via advanced modulations and stups, allowing near infinite possibilities.


Custom assets likes noises or wavetables are embed directly into the presets whenever possible, simplifying the installation process.

No more installation headaches or moving folders around: We’ve made it easy for everyone, even beginners. Once bought, download your pack and you should be all set for producing within minutes.

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We’re as picky about our packs as you are about your music: No place for average or unfinished sounds here.

Our presets offer professional quality, they are carefully checked and extensively tested prior each release to ensure a polished finish without any harsh edges.

You might find some unique sounds to spark your creativity, but no filler: Every sound has its place.


Understanding how a sound is made shouldnt be a puzzle: Our presets are carefully organized to help you easily figure out how we designed each sound.

Consider them not only as a palette of sounds at your disposal, but also as tools to learn from and improve your skills.

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Reborn For Serum 3D Box_NS_500x500-Zoomed Serum presets reborn for serum presets

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► All Macros assigned
► Perfect for Soul, Funk, Disco, RnB, Pop, House, Hip Hop & more

Check out the full content on the product page !


We match each preset level and pitch to make your experience smooth.

Whether you’re switching between bass sounds for the perfect pick for your track, or just exploring different presets through the bank, you won’t need to worry about adjusting levels or MIDI files.

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We know how important it is not to cut the creative juice when it flows, and that you need to find the right sound quickly.

That’s why we’re adding category tags to our presets, using abreviations like BA, ARP, PD, LD, ATM, FX, SFX, SY, KE, DR, and such.

Of course, some presets can be used in many different ways, but this ensures
you locate the perfect sound without scrolling through endless options.


A great soundbank provide you with comprehensive, diverse, and complementary sounds you need to create entire tracks with ease.

Each of our packs includes a variety of sounds that complement each other,
ensuring versatility and usability to create full tracks from scratch.

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Effects like distortion, compression or other processings and modulations may vary the output level quite a lot:

Our presets are intelligently programmed to adjust levels and consistency through modulations and processings, making your sound evolve smoothly without the need for complicated automations adjustments, volume compensation or dealing with inconsistent sound levels in your mix.

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While you're here, why not grab some free sounds ?

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