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In a recent Instagram post, we’ve been trying to highlight and explain why the LA-2A remains hugely popular more than 50 years after its original design.

If there are countless paid emulations of this vintage compressor by well known brands such as Universal Audio, Waves or Slate Digital, there are also less known but completely free ones that are well worth a try.

Below are a few of them, hopefully you will discover new helpful tools !



by Analog Obession

This emulation delivers all the features from the original unit, along with some extras such as an external sidechain input, a 3 band filter and mix knob for quick parallel compression.

TLS 1295 LEA

by Tim Brooks Tales

Borrowing all core functionalities from the original unit, it adds the ability to fine-tune almost every parameter, from the envelope timing and saturation level to the sidechain high-pass filter and dry/wet mix levels.


Leveling Tool


ADHD’s Leveling tool allows much more settings than the original LA-2A unit, such as variable ratios, adjustable attack/release times, an high-pass sidechain filter, a drive control and a dry/wet knob.


by Sonic Anomaly

Sonic Anomaly’s Slax is a vintage compressor emulation loosely inspired by the LA-2A with a rather agressive and dark character which suits perfectly for vocals, drums or guitars.


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